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Your Outlook Express data is not safe!

Outlook Express comes with each installation of Microsoft Windows. This program is installed on all PCs in the world. So backing up of Outlook Express data is important almost for all computer users. Unfortunately, Outlook Express has no integrated backup feature! This is a biggest safety and security leak of widespread email program from Microsoft.

Moreover, there is no standard solution to transfer Outlook Express data and settings between two or more computers. This inconvenience is very annoying when the user buys a new computer and involves difficulties to move messages, address book, mail rules, and accounts settings from old PC or notebook.

Backing up solution for Outlook Express

ABF Outlook Express Backup program solves data safety problems. You will be able to keep your Outlook Express data safe and protected. Download your free evaluation copy right now!

ABF Outlook Express Backup is a backup, restore, synchronization, and transfer program for Outlook Express mail client. You can save, move, and restore your mail messages, address book, OE settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists, signatures, and stationeries.

ABF Outlook Express Backup is easy to use and has a simplified user interface. All that you need is one click!

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ABF Outlook Express Backup allows you to back up, restore, and synchronize:
  • Settings and options of Outlook Express
  • Outlook Express messages and folders structure (oebackup)
  • Windows address book and Outlook Express contacts
  • Outlook Express email and news accounts (with passwords!)
  • Message rules of Outlook Express
  • Outlook Express blocked senders list
  • Outlook Express signatures and signature files
  • Outlook Express stationery and email templates
  • Internet favorites and Outlook Express links

ABF Outlook Express Backup supports command line parameters and can add tasks to the system scheduler.

Backup SFTP - Automatic file backup to LAN, SFTP, FTP SSL servers. ZIP, Blowfish encryption, e-mail notification, service mode. Incremental backup.

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